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Personalized placements. Smarter recruiting. 


Our focus is you. 

Cyr Legal Search is a premier recruiting firm that specializes in ethical and successful legal talent recruiting. We concentrate on personalized placements to match our candidates to the right firm or company. 


We care about the right fit. 


Unlike many other recruiting firms, we don’t use mass emails or resume blasts. We do things personally, and one-on-one — the way it should be. 

We really listen to you and work closely with you, in partnership with the top law firms and companies, to find you the right fit for your next career move. We know each of our employers well, so we can match you in terms of both practice and cultural fit. 

We’ve spent more than a decade building enduring relationships with both a U.S. and a global network of attorneys, colleagues, and business and personal associates, so we can create the best matches for long-term career growth, that benefit both the candidate and the employer. 


We love making good matches. 

We’re not your typical ‘pushy recruiters’ who only care about making a fee. We humanize the job search process, where our goal is to match you with the right firm or company. After all, your new position should be one where you fit in, you’re happy, and you can make the role yours—and there’s nothing that gives us more joy and satisfaction than helping you do just that. 

We provide career guidance and placement for legal professionals at all levels, from associates and paralegals to partner-level attorneys. 

Whether you’re looking to change positions now, or just want to strategize for the long-term, reach out to us today (for a truly no-obligation call) and we can get started on finding you your next great opportunity. 

Take the next step in your career. 

Let us match you with the right firm. 

Looking for talent? 

Partner with us today and let us match you with the right candidate. 

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