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Our services 

We specialize in matching the right candidate to the right law firm or company. 


Here’s how we do it. 


For candidates 


Discovery meeting 

This is where we get to know you. Whether it’s over the phone or in person, we organize a meeting with you to ‘discover’ more about you. We take a deep dive into your resume and background, and discuss your skills and your career ambitions, so we can pinpoint the positions we’ll help you apply for. As we start talking with you, certain firms will come to mind that we think might be a match. 


Resume revision 

In a job search, it always helps to get an experienced set of eyes to look over your resume, so that’s what we do. In fact, we stopped counting how many resumes we’ve reviewed years ago, when we passed 500,000! 


We’re skilled at helping you revise your resume so that your skills and experience are fleshed-out, clear and straightforward. We know what law firms consider “red flags” or problematic, and how certain information (or the lack thereof) will make firms instantly decline to move forward. We supply sample language documents and give redlined feedback until we have your resume looking the best it can be version of your resume. In fact, most of our candidates say that they are thrilled with their new, improved resume! 


Market evaluation 

We engage with our client employers to find positions that we think will be a good match for you. We discuss each potential position with you and help you decide upon the ones that will be the best fit for you. If we don’t think the position is right for you, we will tell you why. Conversely, if you’re lukewarm about a position, we may give you some insider feedback which we feel might be pertinent to your decision. 


The job search 

We look for appropriate openings and also speak with our law firm/company clients (we work with EVERYONE) to see if there might be interest in someone with your background. We will never release any identifying information, or submit your resume anywhere without your authorization. We also let you know at every step of the way what’s going on, and provide you with updates on the progress of your application. 


Mock interview 

Interviews can be nerve-wracking, so we offer a short mock interview over the phone, so you have a (quick) chance to run through your responses before “game time” and get some honest (but kind) feedback from us. We promise we won’t waste your time! 


Your interview 

We help organize the interview, but from here it’s your time to shine—so go into the interview, armed with experience and feedback from our mock interview — wow them. 


Debriefing/Moving the process forward 

After every interview, we have a quick debriefing session with you, so we can discuss how you think the interview went, and follow-up with the firm/company to further explain any answer you weren’t satisfied with. We also stay in continuous touch with the firm/company to help move the interview process forward until (hopefully) the firm extends an offer. 


After offer acceptance 

We stay in touch with both sides to make sure all administrative details are taken care of, which frees up your time and eliminates any worry. We stay in touch up until your first week of work to make sure all loose ends are taken care of and to make your transition as easy as possible. 


For legal firms 

We want to match you with the right candidates, so you get the best talent for your team. Before putting you in contact, we make sure each of our candidates have the education, skills, and personality that ensure they will deliver value to your organization. We only work with a small number of high-quality candidates, and get to know them very well. If we believe they’re a match for your firm, we submit them for the role, or call to briefly discuss the candidate with you. We love what we do and find great joy in making a great match! 


We match the right candidate with the right position. We’re legal matchmakers. 

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